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    ABOUT US Cont.

  • With his undeniable fascination of cars, his passion for service and giving back to the community added with his enjoyment for great activities that families could enjoy together, Mr Kiser and his longtime friends Brian, Neal, Jules, Derrick (Dred), Norman Black came up with an idea to throw a car show in his quiet cul de sac area and invite all the neighbors to participate by either displaying cars of their choice or by judging the event. This would serve dual purposes for Mr Kiser, not only would it galvanize the community to participate in an event that they collectively had a part of, but it would also be a benefit because since the neighbors were involved they wouldn’t complain about the noise or the congestion in the area during the car show hours. Needless to say, the event was an amazing success. The neighbors would judge the event and Mr Kiser would present the winners with trophies. The buzz began to spread, and more individuals would reach out to participate. The Car show started to grow. People started traveling from deep Down South to all the way from Eastern Long Island to enter the car show.  After 5 years of doing these block buster events in 2016, Anthony and his Day 1’s took the show from the block to the Park. Mr Kiser and his childhood friends had officially taken their show on the road, thus The Kiser Car Show was born.

As Mr Kiser would plan these functions, he would have conversations with contestants and receive feedback from men that participated in the event and he began to notice that although the premise of the event was obviously about the cars but these men enjoyed the opportunity to unite under the umbrella of the car show but the event spiraled into a way that he never had imagined. Mr. Kiser saw that the car show was not just about cars. Sure, the cars were a way to bring men together but when everyone came together in that environment, men were more relaxed and the dialogue would always shift from the cars, and delve into issues such as work, relationships, politics, religion, and exchanging business ideas. It became a haven, a place for men to talk and be around other positive men.

As these affairs continued to grow, Mr. Kiser started to witness kids becoming intrigued with the exotic cars and marketing and promoting their parents and even their own businesses to all the attendee’s. Mr Kiser was giving them a chance to see men of color owning these cars and sparking the thought that they themselves could have these toys as well without having to become an entertainer, or an athlete or God forbid going into illegal activity such as selling drugs etc. The Kiser Car Show was indirectly showing children that there was a plethora of roads they could travel to be successful. Although initially, The Kiser Car Show started with POSITIVE men of color, Cars speak a universal language and knocks down many of the foolish walls that divide us all. Regardless of your Color, Religion, Political affiliation or Sexual preference, The Kiser Car Show is a place where POSITIVE, NO DRAMA men, women and children are invited to attend from all backgrounds, for a fun family filled day of beautiful cars and delicious food. It's a day of peace and love!!!

What They Do - The Roots
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